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  1. Marketing & Communication Manager

  2. Digital mindset

  3. Creative mind

  4. Commercial marketing manager

  5. B2C and B2B partnerships

  6. Brand integration

  7. Content partnerships

  8. Branded content

  9. Digital advertising

  10. Social media

  11. Marketing strategy

  12. Professionalize

  13. Collaboration

  14. Result-oriented

  15. Organized

  16. Proactive

  17. Communication skills

  18. Leadership qualities

  19. Client satisfaction

  20. Full time availability

Spanish SEO Keywords:

  1. Gerente de Marketing y Comunicación

  2. Mentalidad digital

  3. Mente creativa

  4. Gerente de marketing comercial

  5. Alianzas B2C y B2B

  6. Integración de marca

  7. Alianzas de contenido

  8. Contenido de marca

  9. Publicidad digital

  10. Redes sociales

  11. Estrategia de marketing

  12. Profesionalizar

  13. Colaboración

  14. Orientado a resultados

  15. Organizado

  16. Proactivo

  17. Habilidades de comunicación

  18. Cualidades de liderazgo

  19. Satisfacción del cliente

  20. Disponibilidad a tiempo completo


I am Tomas Graham, a creative director filmmaker and photographer. with over 10 years of experience in the media industry. I have worked with some of the most prestigious companies and studios in the world, such as Warner Media, Final Frontier, WDB, Bridger/Conway, and 433. I have also won awards for my photography and exhibited my work in various venues. I specialize in creating captivating and engaging content across multiple platforms.


My objective is to use my expertise and passion to lead and inspire teams, deliver exceptional results, and achieve organizational goals. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow and learn.


Thank you for visiting my website

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